Solution and Service Solusi dan Layanan

Solution Solusi

All in One Digital Forensic Tool Kit

Digital Forensic Android Apps

Portable Secure Chat Server

Personal Hacking Lab

All in One Hacking Tools ( EDC Kit )

Portable VoIP Server

Location Based Advertising

Private Network

Rescue Helper

Fake BTS Scanner

Computer Assisted Testing

Service Layanan

  • Digital Forensic
  • Mobile Forensic
  • Malware Analysis
  • Web Penetration Testing
  • Network Penetrtion Testing
  • GSM Security
  • etc ...

Riset dan Studi Kelayakan
  • Research Book and Report
  • Feasibility Study Report
  • etc ...

Network Security Assesment
  • Digital Forensic Analysis Service
  • Penetration Testing Service
  • etc ...